Tuesday, 20 March 2012


chapter 1 .....

this chapter just explains about how a girl named Lucy Asher's body was discovered , and who found her on the beach near the sand dunes. the local community is shocked and devestated. a group of high school children who knew lucy collect pieces of evidence to start a case and find out who done this. the characters involved are :

-pete marshall (boy who discovered lucy's body and friend)
-lucy Asher (girl who died)
-jase Harbridge ( lucy's friend)
-Senior Sergeant Bill Harbridge (jases's dad)
-Mrs Harbridge (jase's mother)
-tony Marshall (petes older brother)
-Caryolyn Asher (lucys younger sister)
-Mrs and Mr Asher (lucy's parents)
-Bill Harbridge (policeman who was guarding lucys body)
-Mark Murray (local)
-Roy Moynahan (school kid who went to school with lucy)
-Ginger Moustache (partner with bill in police force)
-Rachael White (friend of lucys)
-Mr Robinson
-Jim Turner ( locals and friend )
-Grant Webb (Local)

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